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Joey was a racist

Joey’s community said, “Thou shalt not ADMIT racism …if you’re a racist you’re an incurable hopeless MONSTER.” [basically – the ‘unpardonable gun‘ most churches aim & fire @ homosexuals and the like].


The dark, evil, depths and dimensions of U… – – – … – – – if you went and talked to a counselor …these truths living inside of you (ask Flannery if you don’t think they’re there) would be REVEALED.

The mystery of HOW. HOW. HOW. >>>>>>>>>>>>> How could God [HolyHolyHolyLordGodAlmighty] love us724wretches????????????????

GMH sez, “Mys.=IncomprehensibleCertainty. …not an InterestingUncertainty.”

KoobieJanquins had a really really really really hard breakup #heartbreak …not to mention that stuff that happened with her father when she was young (#deliberatelyambiguous) …So now she could “enjoy” the benefits of her suffering!

BENEIFTS …#GoldPlan! #GoldPlanDeluxe

Benefits of Being the Victim. Even the victors envy it! The manipulative pwr of pity!

Pity party power!

Protection of this pain and pity – – – > nobody can be mean to you if you’ve suffered!

The fantasy of controlling people w/ ur pain …& using pity to manipulate people.

Particular&PersonalPain – – – > don’t forgive that person, b/c if U forgive U will be giving up the benefit of your suffering and “being the victim.” …I’m talking to you BTW RichWhiteMan and JapaneseBirdMan!



We are AFRAID of being KNOWN …we want to be noticed, but we are terrified that people will discover the monsters that we are! #724


How we HIDE???



That girl in SF – – – > “SomethingInsideOfMeStiffAndRottenBecameNowSoftAndTender”

WHAT if…





Don’t ‘should’d all over yourself…






Pee’nAtlanticRaiseTemp?????? Pee’nAtlanticRaiseTemp?????? Pee’nAtlanticRaiseTemp???





WantShortcuts… We-R-Impatient-4-Results

Things & The Like & What Not

The ppl of praying for today: Hank[Meekness&Humility – Hunger and Thirst for righteousness …believe, apart from Xs nothing, joySetB4-InXs-CoramDeo! – Rare Jewell/Contentment – Holy Spirit – pwrful …Jonathan Warrior], Hampton [mighty man of valor – direct and humble with bro-n’law & for R – her bio sis…and for the power of intense, wonderful Xs-like humility to happen to the relatives – Martin Llyod-Jones sytle – Romans 1-5 BIGTIME humility – anti victim mentality and anti critical nature and anti bio emphasis and bigger bigger and big big big emphasis on spirit and truth and Romans 8:30ff …and for E&R&C3=REJOICE!…w/ the Lord at hand/anxious for nothing], Felker [radical followers of Xs – anxious for nothing – bigtime trust in Xs alone – Prov. 3:5-6 – MLJ and even more – letting requests known to God w/ thanksgiving], McClure [hearts and minds guarded in Xs – confidence – boldness – humility & Phil. 2!], Zwanzig [Spirit compelled to stay and get in on Holy Spirit’s work in ECLT – mega evangelists – bball at those courts – bigtime involved and invested – even more than can be imagined – whatever is true, honorable, just – meek meek meek and humble humble humble], Hawkes [keep on keep’n on – love for and mega evangelism – and excellence in Xs Alone – 15:5], Ginn [perseverance – and excitement and joy – and robust fixation look@ look@ look@ JESUS], Buskey [Saul to Paul – hijacked – big embracing of Jesus!], Cherry [same with/as Buskey!], ShaneJesseZander [same as previous two – big questions and hunger for Bible/Xs] …and tringali! Hijacked!, Dirks&Penners [Hunger for Xs – radically spiritual and truth – as Jonathan the warrior or Joseph or Elijah! Seeing the angel armies in the mtns all around!


#Taking Zombie to Spa?

#NicodemusTimeMachine …if we met Nic. we’d think, “this guy is the ‘best Xn ever’!”












Eph.2:5; Jn.3;Gal2:20;Mt.11:29




















The purpose of discipline is the glory of God and the health of the person receiving the discipline. For example, David received the discipline of his pastor [Nathan] with contrition and repentance (hatred of his sinful wretched self). Saul – on the other hand – habitually attempted to micromanage everything and everyone, and harbored a life-long obsessive suspicion that “everyone was out to get him” – and he never actually felt any authentic repulsion of his sin against God and/or others.

Once upon a time there was a man who aimed to get God-talkers fired. Ephesians six twelve? Something demonic going on there. The macrobes doing things …that what E612 reveals. His pride, his boasting, his “righteousness” was found in efficiency and being good at getting people fired. He attempted to get the AP fired, but DPK rebuked him. He rejected the opportunity to hate the not-so-hidden evils of his heart. Later he launched an assault on the SP – accusing him of not being an exegetical preacher. This makes me want to oppose him. He is Saul – and he is hungry to kill his David. Bloodthirsty. But, let me focus on the fact that David [time and time again] said, “Vengeance belongs to God …let me NOT “deal” with Saul, but rather let me lament, and grieve, and pray – and let God do what seems best to Him in His timing.”


Bobby wanted cake and he wanted it right now! Well actually his zeal was primarily aimed at the frosting …but he like the way the frosting ‘presented’ on the cake. His Nana said, “It wasn’t time to take the cake out of the oven yet.” Bobby asked how long until the frosting frosted frosty cake would be ready? And Nana said not until chapter six.


Sergio said he wanted help. And – in a way – he really did mean it. In fact, in some serious sense of the word, Sergio would’ve even sincerely admitted his desperation. So this famous, well-known, historical figure comes along and tells Sergio, “I’ve got just the thing!” Sergio is dubious, but he’s desperate. Sergio presupposes that whatever this guy has in mind, it won’t have the power Sergio’s looking for. But that matter is laid to rest at the outset, for the well-known man says that the help He’s talking about is omnipotent. Sergio is impressed, but he’s still skeptical because he’s seen raw power in action, and unless it is harnessed and disciplined with the correct wisdom it will simply do more damage than good. The man tells Sergio that this help is perfectly and infinitely wise. Sergio is sold! Sergio is so excited to meet this help, and to see the practical, efficient, spreadsheetesque, formulaic results of this help. But then Sergio’s countenance falls – when he discovers that the help the man is referring to is like the wind …it blows where it wishes, and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. Sergio’s expectations were entirely predicated on his insistence to feel in control, micromanage everyone and everything, and have a strong fictional sense that he knew the formula and plan and all the plays for all scenarios and variables in life. Master planner, OCD deluxe, forecaster of the universe!


So let’s say the pastor-killer takes his accusation to CCP. And let’s say they say, “O my Mr. Pastor Killer …you’re the smartest man in the room …you are right!” And I am fired. So what? Fundamentally – so what? …Where am I with Jesus. If I don’t get fired or if I do get fired – – – where am I with Jesus?



Stories of Subversion

The Author and Maker SEZ to submit to the people whom He has ordained, assigned, and positioned in authority over us. The Maker SEZ, “Obey your leaders and submit to them, for they are keeping watch over your souls, as those who will have to give an account. Let them do this with joy and not with groaning, for that would be of no advantage to you.

BUT, if you are keen on your commitment to disobey God, and if you’re looking for counsel regarding rigorous and robust strategies for carrying out a successful coup d’état then you’d be shrewd to consult the work ethic and wiles of a chap named Absalom. “That sounds like an old fashioned name” you say? Well it is, and before we go any further I’d advise you to set aside your prejudice against history, and dress down your biased belief that “newer is always better.” In my opinion, many of the old names need to make a resurgence, and it’s simply an objective fact that many of the old ways are far superior to the practices of modernity. At any rate, if you’re really serious about being insubordinate, then go all in (for goodness sake, at least have the decency to work hard at your rebellion …if for no other reason, because the next generation needs examples of serious striving and shrewdness to follow! [see Luke 16:1-9]).

Step 1: Contrive a show of power. I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t have any power!” That’s beside the point. You don’t actually need any real power. It’s a mere SHOW of power (Absalom got himself a chariot and horses, and fifty men to run before him) …it’s an exaggeration, it’s a fabrication, it’s the 7 year old boy who pushes his bicep up with his finger to make his muscles look bigger, it’s puffing out your chest, it’s all the “like-worthy” stuff you post on facebook, it’s the filters you apply on instagram, it’s dramatization, embellishment, and hyperbole.

Step 2: Be an early riser (Absalom used to rise early and stand beside the way of the gate). If you’ve ever scene the musical How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying then you know that the main thing is to simply be the first one to arrive at the place where important things happen. Certainly, you do well to have a game plan (more on that in a moment), but if you did nothing else besides be the first to arrive you’re already well on your way.

Step 3: Sow seeds of discontent (And when any man had a dispute to come before the king for judgment, Absalom would call to him and say, “From what city are you?” And when he said, “Your servant is of such and such a tribe in Israel,” Absalom would say to him, “See, your claims are good and right, but there is no man designated by the king to hear you.”). Here’s where your hard work is really going to start paying off (you’ll see instant results!). Here’s what you do… Log on to any social media site, scan for victim mentalities, whining, grumbling, complaining, etc. (it shouldn’t take but 0.2 seconds …unless your internet connection is slow, in which case you need to stop whatever you’re doing and compose a grievance tweet about it). Then simply throw as much victimization validation fuel on their bellyache fire as you can. Flirt with their sense of having been wronged, and in this way you will flatter them into following you to the land of discontentment.

Step 4: Suggest a successor (Then Absalom would say, “Oh that I were judge in the land! Then every man with a dispute or cause might come to me, and I would give him justice.”). Now here’s where the really challenging part of your job begins; because while it is easy to arouse an angry mob, it’s nerve-racking to take on the responsibility of leading rabble (the very nature of the beast is erratic unmitigated madness and instability). But this is what you signed up for! Play the man, and do your job! Cheer up, the entire enterprise is doomed to fail, so you might as well give’em a good show!

Step 5: Seduce and sedate with “support” (And whenever a man came near to pay homage to him, Absalom would put out his hand and take hold of him and kiss him). Keep in mind that your whole campaign is a fraud, and you don’t actually have anything of substance to offer, but people are always happy to hear the words “I support you.” So you’ve really only got one move …seduce and sedate via feigned support. Of course it’s all a sham, but the show must go on. No doubt it will be a short-lived show, but it’s the path of the pirate (So Absalom stole the hearts of the men of Israel).


If you’re still reading this, then perhaps it’s because you’re disgusted with yourself for thinking, speaking, and acting like an Absalom. That’s good! Presumption and pretense are joyless paths, and we do well to be repulsed by our attraction to such trails. But beyond being horrified by the Absalom living in the hollows of our hearts, is there any hope? Well …there is actually a substantive and savor-worthy story of subversion.

If you’re still reading this, then I assume it is because you are curious to hear the substantive story of subversion.

Once upon a time (the fullness of time actually) there was an invasion. It wasn’t the invasion of an army …it was actually just one man. This man bypassed the show of power option in favor of entering the world silently and in secret. Like all good secrets, there were a only a handful of people who knew about his presence (his parents, some sleazy shepherd types, and some wealthy astrologers). He was an early riser, but his goal wasn’t to greet at the gate and seduce people with sham support; he woke early to seek solitude, and have private and personal conversations with his father. He did sow seeds, but not the seeds of discontent; rather, he championed submission and said that people should count others more significant than themselves. He was not a man of timid suggestion and wobbly “if only” statements; when it came to his status, he confidently told people that he was King of kings, and his agenda was – in no uncertain terms – to bind the ruler of this world and plunder his house. His plan for pulling this off? …Smallness, serving, suffering, and sacrifice. The support he offered was not of the insidious seduction variety, and his comfort was not that of senseless sedation. His help is found in the sobriety and substance of a cursed Roman crucifixion, and his answer to our dispute with death and darkness is resurrection.

Accusations and Investigations

He harbors bitterness and accusations against me.

Seething hatred and disdain wafts from his demeanor.

His countenance condemns me.

I ask him why he hates me? He attempts to dodge the question. I squeeze him for an answer (probably because of my lust for approval and validation more than for the loving – God honoring – principles of Matthew 18). He makes an accusation.

@ this point I must strive hard to cease being me (chasing aggressively after objectivity – and fighting like hell for humility —> these are worthwhile endeavors to be fought for with zeal). Now the investigation can begin. I must be sure to always bring in eyes besides my own for such things! I must beseech the help of the supernaturalists in the rigors of the investigation. I must employ the eyes and ears of the faithful, the devoted, and the repenters who know what to look for! It’s probably not a bad idea to grab a 3rd party ‘relationally neutral’ skeptic (e.g. like Andrew MacPhee). It is wisdom to honestly ask them to search my heart, my motives, my actions, my words …and certainly I must have them thoroughly consider the formal charge/accusation. If after a thorough investigation we find the charges to be unsubstantiated then I am wise to simply drop the charges and commit the entire affair to the God of infinitely wise mercy and vengeance. Much like Orual reading her complaint – I have the liberty to give my accuser this opportunity to make a formal complaint. If there is fault in me, then the complaint will be processed accordingly …and if the complaint is groundless or asinine then the WORST thing I could possibly do is DEFEND MYSELF (this is absolutely NOT my forte!).


*If such investigation, however originating, should result in raising a strong presumption of the guilt of the party [TYLER] involved, the court shall institute process, and shall appoint a prosecutor to prepare the indictment and to conduct the case. This prosecutor shall be a member of the court, except that in a case before the Session, he may be any communing member of the same congregation with the accused.

*A note on communing membership – – – > anyone who partakes of the body and blood of Jesus is essentially answering “I am” to the question “What is the biggest problem in the world?”

The original and only parties in a case of process are the accuser and the accused. The accuser is always the Presbyterian Church in America, whose HONOR and PURITY are to be maintained. The prosecutor, whether voluntary or appointed, is always the representative of the Church, and as such has all its rights in the case.

Every indictment shall begin: “In the name of the Presbyterian Church in America,” and shall conclude, “against the peace, unity and purity of the Church, and the honor and majesty of the Lord Jesus Christ, as the King and Head thereof.In every case the Church is the injured and accusing party, against the accused.


*An injured party shall not become a prosecutor of personal offenses without having tried the means of reconciliation and of reclaiming the offender, required by Christ.

“Moreover, if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother but if he will not hear thee, then take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established” (Matthew 18:15-16).

A church court, however, may judicially investigate personal offenses as if general when the interest of religion seem to demand it. So, also, those to whom private offenses are known cannot become prosecutors without having previously endeavored to remove the scandal by private means.

There are many cases in which it will promote the interests of religion to send a committee to converse in a private manner with the offender, and endeavor to bring him to a sense of his guilt, before instituting actual process.

*Great caution ought to be exercised in receiving accusations from any person who is known to indulge a malignant spirit towards the accused; who is not of good character; who is himself under censure or process; who is deeply interested in any respect in the conviction of the accused; or who is known to be litigious, rash or highly imprudent.

Every voluntary prosecutor shall be previously warned, that if he fail to show probable cause of the charges, he may himself be censured as a slanderer of the brethren.

6:29; 15:5


2 Hauntings: Hate-Worthy Hauntings VS Holy Hauntings


FAITH IS RECEPTIVITY (e.g. 6:29; 15:5) …*Active Passivity.

Mr. Saul was ‘religious’ …meaning he always tried to incorporate a little of what “God would like” into his weekly existence. He was very careful never to “go overboard” or “too far” with this, for he feared what people might think (…he had seen what happened to those who became “extreme” and/or “radical” in their devotion to the LORD, and he was decidedly ambitious to avoid that kind of reputation). Mr. Saul knew a lot about the art of negotiating (bartering and bargaining was his business!), and this was essentially his operating system for all of life (including his interactions with the Almighty). He thought that if he enacted a smattering of the religious rituals God prescribed then he could reasonably expect certain “blessings” from God in return. It was a fairly straightforward transactional approach, and it had always ‘worked’ for him in every other sphere of life.

Mr. Saul knew he needed to “feel bad” about sin, so he dutifully vocalized shame over his shortcomings, but he never (under any circumstance) risked getting specific about his improprieties. He was, as a matter of fact, deeply ashamed of his chronic racist thoughts, and he was downright embarrassed by most of the lustful fantasies that lept into his mind …but he wouldn’t dare confess such things. His religion never matured beyond the merely generic and nonspecific. He was truly conservative in his personal practice of confessing sin.

Mr. Saul feed his soul a steady diet of materialism and pity-parities; and thus it became increasingly critical for him to have numerous escape routes and avenues for feeling himself to be the victim in any given situation. Life felt increasingly and chronically overwhelming to him, and having dismissed the help of any real/substantive mediation for specific personal sins – Mr. Saul was now entirely dependent on himself for protection and validation. Self-preservation and self-justification was the summation and primary determination of his life.