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Eph.2:5; Jn.3;Gal2:20;Mt.11:29





















The purpose of discipline is the glory of God and the health of the person receiving the discipline. For example, David received the discipline of his pastor [Nathan] with contrition and repentance (hatred of his sinful wretched self). Saul – on the other hand – habitually attempted to micromanage everything and everyone, and harbored a life-long obsessive suspicion that “everyone was out to get him” – and he never actually felt any authentic repulsion of his sin against God and/or others.

Once upon a time there was a man who aimed to get God-talkers fired. Ephesians six twelve? Something demonic going on there. The macrobes doing things …that what E612 reveals. His pride, his boasting, his “righteousness” was found in efficiency and being good at getting people fired. He attempted to get the AP fired, but DPK rebuked him. He rejected the opportunity to hate the not-so-hidden evils of his heart. Later he launched an assault on the SP – accusing him of not being an exegetical preacher. This makes me want to oppose him. He is Saul – and he is hungry to kill his David. Bloodthirsty. But, let me focus on the fact that David [time and time again] said, “Vengeance belongs to God …let me NOT “deal” with Saul, but rather let me lament, and grieve, and pray – and let God do what seems best to Him in His timing.”


Bobby wanted cake and he wanted it right now! Well actually his zeal was primarily aimed at the frosting …but he like the way the frosting ‘presented’ on the cake. His Nana said, “It wasn’t time to take the cake out of the oven yet.” Bobby asked how long until the frosting frosted frosty cake would be ready? And Nana said not until chapter six.


Sergio said he wanted help. And – in a way – he really did mean it. In fact, in some serious sense of the word, Sergio would’ve even sincerely admitted his desperation. So this famous, well-known, historical figure comes along and tells Sergio, “I’ve got just the thing!” Sergio is dubious, but he’s desperate. Sergio presupposes that whatever this guy has in mind, it won’t have the power Sergio’s looking for. But that matter is laid to rest at the outset, for the well-known man says that the help He’s talking about is omnipotent. Sergio is impressed, but he’s still skeptical because he’s seen raw power in action, and unless it is harnessed and disciplined with the correct wisdom it will simply do more damage than good. The man tells Sergio that this help is perfectly and infinitely wise. Sergio is sold! Sergio is so excited to meet this help, and to see the practical, efficient, spreadsheetesque, formulaic results of this help. But then Sergio’s countenance falls – when he discovers that the help the man is referring to is like the wind …it blows where it wishes, and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. Sergio’s expectations were entirely predicated on his insistence to feel in control, micromanage everyone and everything, and have a strong fictional sense that he knew the formula and plan and all the plays for all scenarios and variables in life. Master planner, OCD deluxe, forecaster of the universe!


So let’s say the pastor-killer takes his accusation to CCP. And let’s say they say, “O my Mr. Pastor Killer …you’re the smartest man in the room …you are right!” And I am fired. So what? Fundamentally – so what? …Where am I with Jesus. If I don’t get fired or if I do get fired – – – where am I with Jesus?