Childbirth & Photography

When people say, “Give it to God in prayer,” or “I need to pray about that stressful and complicated situation” their view of prayer is typically too tame. Giving a stressful situation to God is like giving birth to a child. You must push, there is wincing and screaming, there is passion and pain …and there is sweet relief and authentic joy.

You could be the world’s best photographer. You could be the most expert darkroom technician. You could present entire albums of astonishing photos to a person; each photo masterfully captured and developed. But if the viewer is blind they won’t see any of it. For all their beauty, the pictures will go utterly unappreciated by those who don’t have eyes to see them. One the other hand, a toddler who shares poorly taken pictures on a disposable camera that were developed at Walgreens will have his mother’s undivided attention and awe!



  1. Everyone’s favorite topic – – – > THEMSELVES …so let’s ponder thy origins (Ps. 139).

    Let us also contemplate and deeply consider the fact that thy days are:
    1. Numbered
    2. Ordered
    3. Measured

  2. SAME AUTHOR – – – >

    “We are not to reflect on the wickedness of men but to look to the image of God in them, an image which, covering and obliterating their faults, an image which, by its beauty and dignity, should allure us to love and embrace them.”
    ― John Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion, 2 Vols

    “Those who set up a fictitious worship, merely worship and adore their own delirious fancies; indeed, they would never dare so to trifle with God, had they not previously fashioned him after their own childish conceits.”
    ― John Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion

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