Definition of Enlightenment & What Not

“That mistaken upheaval of thought that imagined truth to be reducible to logical, impersonal, abstract ideas.” [i.e. deadly blindness to the folly of my deceitful heart.]

Tyler’s not responsible to finally THWART evil, but he is called to participate in thoughtfully working to offset evil.

*God is pleased to adopt and employ WEAK vessels …the Divine employment of the HIGHLY IMPERFECT!

“Evil digs a hole and the Maker makes a well.” – Arthur P. Wingfeather

“We can hardly make anything beautiful that wasn’t beautiful in the first place. We aren’t writers, but gleeful rearrangers of words whose meanings we can’t begin to know. When we manage to make something pretty, it’s only so because we are ourselves a flourish on a greater canvas. That means there’s no end to the discovery.” – AP – – – > – – – > – – – > – – – > “…On and on it goes, all the way to the lightless borderlands of time and space, which we come to discover in some future age are but the beginnings or endings of a single word spoken from the mouth of God. Some nights, while I traipse down the hill, I imagine that word isn’t a word at all, but a burst of laughter.”  

“The gospel gives me hope, and hope is not a language the dark voices understand.”

“The burden God places on each of us is to become who we are meant to be. We are most fully ourselves when Christ most fully lives in us and through us. The mother shines brightest with her child in her arms, the father when he forgives his wandering son, and the artist when he or she is drawing attention to grace, by showing the pinprick of light overcoming the darkness in the painting, or the story, or the song. The world knows darkness. Christ came into the world to show us light. I have seen it, have been blinded by it, invaded by it. I will tell its story.”

Life is Learning & Yearning & Awing!

Life is Groaning and Glory-ing

Life is Lament & Laughter

Life=a tension of being profoundly repulsed and also relentless relishing with holy hope!


“Jesus comes to us to dwell within our lives not only to show us the way, but so we will experience, perhaps for the first time, unconditional love and grace …Jesus invites us into a community of radical generosity …Christ may indeed lead us to mystery and humility that gives away power; thus the exclusivity of the Kingdom comes with quite a price! Christ holds the center still, calm, peaceful, fixed, and guides us into the storms of life.” – Makoto Fujimura


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