Month: May 2016

“Worship is an act that develops feelings for God, not a feeling for God that is expressed in an act of worship.”

  • Eugene Peterson

That was then

Sounds great!
“so light my way and tell me what to say, I have been too scared to wait and see what happens if I obey but please be peace and make this heart at ease; I have shaken till the leaves fall off and make the ground so dirty”
“Sin’s suppressant so insidious that the decision is made to bastardize truth itself. Feelings tell the self to be true to itself. Self is esteemed as the beholder, and the doctrine of dictating, determining, and defining “beauty” is assumed by self.”
“Truth dethrones your feelings. Your feelings are NOT okay with unadorned citizenship. Your feelings inexorably insistent upon the throne. Feelings feel entitled to the throne.”

Critique 2016 Issue #2

Rather than hurry past the beauty in creation and biblical story and metaphor, we can do what is necessary in our busy world to stop and wait patiently, and wait some more until we come to know Him better.

#FosterPracticesThatNurtureTheDisposition’OPsalm46/10 – – – > #Order my life so that I do not miss the signals of transcendence that are in my path. …reminded to develop the wise disciplines of observation and waiting that permit my view of reality to have greater clarity. …reminded to listen carefully and ask questions & wonder it it means.

…how much we can come to see if we are willing to slow down, look, and then look some more.


The tracks I see in the snow always suggest a story, a meaning that I cannot see but that nevertheless is part of the reality in which I live.

“They are haunted by myths and experiences that whisper there might in fact be something more.”

Atoms dead could never thus

Stir the human heart of us

Unless the beauty that we see

The veil of endless beauty be,

Filled full of spirits that have trod

Far hence along the heavenly sod

And seen the bright footprints of God


The shepherds were to look for very ordinary things and BELIEVE that, in seeing them, they were seeing the fulfillment of promises made by prophets over many centuries.

You dwell in the midst of a rebellious house, who have eyes to see, but see not, who have ears to hear, but hear not, for they are a rebellious house.” (Zek. 12:2)

e.g. E.Knippers slowed down and now he’s currently located @ – – – > I think that Serrano’s piece powerfully holds before us the fact that our Lord has entered into all of our filthiness in order to reach us with His love.


Every sphere of life is addressed by God’s Word, including the unpresentable parts. God is God over mountains and valleys, joys and sorrows, beautiful births and violent deaths, the marriage bed and the dark alley. If we don’t depict the “naughty bits,” the great Story of the Bible becomes bland and weak. It loses not only its power but also its veracity, forced to abide in a 1/2 life of 1/2 truths.


Christ came to save the lost …not the misplaced. A book that does not address the deep depravities and gut-wrenching sorrows of the human condition is no good to any of us, believer or unbeliever alike.


Our view of things flows out of fundamental ideas and values that we accept as right and obvious.

With whom did you identify in the film? Why? With whom were we meant to identify? How do you know? Discuss each main character in the film and their significance to the story.

*And even after all of that had happened, all the tragedy, all the weightiness, all the beauty, all the opportunity for deep contemplation and revelry in the reality of redemption guaranteed …he was in this moment preoccupied &  brooding over the “injustice” of being shorted two free nibblers and a small frosted lemonade withheld due to the coupon’s expiration date. Wretched man that I am… *And even this – YES, even this! – shall be in the shopping cart when we go through the check out line of redemption.

Of Course…

presups (world conforming = of course… “I have to be true to myself.” “I have to express my true self to the world!” etc….)

Presup #1 = Not thine enthroned feelings.

Presup #2 = B/C GOD WANTS IT!

Presup #3 = B/C God IS @ work.

Presup #4 = “If God was at work in my life it would certainly FEEL sensational to ME?”

Presup #5 = Care v. Control …Desire v. Demand

Presup #6 = #Zombies#WeHateGod#UCANNOTlove[1stCommandment]whatUhate …&thisISaCANNOTthatCOMESw/GREATguilt.

Presup #7 = If I CAN’t …how can I be Guilty? (Rom.8:7)

Presup #8 = #uCANNOTreceiveRELISHasWISEwhatUperceiveASfoolish (1Cor.2:14)

Presup #9 = #WhollyPassive#WhollyActive[JE]#LoveHisAuthorityMehrYour’Autonomy’#NotAddButFrom[Gal.220;Phil2:12-13]

TRUTH səˈpresənt


feelings want the throne.

feelings relentlessly and insistently reject being dethroned.

feelings demand their place of prominence.

feelings are not fine with rudimentary citizenship.

feelings will reside in the palace or terrorize it.

the tyranny of my feelings.

who will deliver me from this body of death?

Life or Death








#sin&clothing #monarchy #foodVSmedicine





Chappie said to Roge, “I’m not here to help you feel any bigger than small.”


Then Gracie chimed-in…”Chappie, is it true that the holier you are the less holy you feel?”




That’s the day Roge realized …The Greatest Threat – is Merely Assuming – or Neglecting – the Gospel for your soul (personally).