Month: October 2015

Doubt Death Match…

Does this make you want to become a Christian? – – – >

One thing that befuddles me about what you write is that the Gospel “is the only thing that makes sense.”  But that doesn’t make sense to me.  Satan has a solid case against us, and yet – for no reason that I can comprehend (i.e. no reason that I can make sense of) Jesus purchases us at the cost of his life (God ordains to kill his Only Son!?!?).  This is where SAVOR comes in.  What else can be done in response to such a revelation other than MARVEL and SAVOR …LINGER and LOOK UPON with AWE and WONDER – being Dominated and Defined by such a truth.  Of course the only other option other than SAVORING is to become SATAN.

The story of Hosea doesn’t make sense …that Hosea would marry (and stay married to) Gomer.  The only two responses are (1) to SAVOR – stand mystified at looking upon – such a story, OR (2) DEFY it, and Oppose it at all costs (i.e. join Satan’s cause).

What do you think?


Reminders Download on 10/27/15

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Epistemological self exceptionalism.

If you expect people to be reasonable and consistent then get ready to be disappointed.

We are always trying to pretend that we are neutral.

We wrongly always assume that we are above the things that we are critiquing.

Optional? … Camping, exercising, diet, fighting, driving, discipline, marriage, family, feasting, fasting…

Matthew 12:50; 1 Thess. 2:8

Gomer’s kids…

What is your great need?

“It was a God thing.” …2 Sam. 17 [the appearance of things]

Disproportionately Important to Tyler.  Perversion of Preferences & Values.

DESIRE.  DEMAND.  DILIGENCE.  Doing it Yerself.

Desires that aren’t productive, efficient, practical, and/or possible – – – > Matthew 12:50; 1 Thess. 2:8; 1 Cor. 6:7

Jametonious & Leaders #1 & #2

Jametonious wanted to win, but he failed, and then he was anxious, angry, and apathetic, then he was weak (though he resisted and disagreed with this at many many ‘a momentatiousalot …then fruit! (1224) …{720, 1271, 720, 2129, 1224 @ 316, 1510, 220, 330, 1202}.

COUNSELING = asking Q. “Where are you?” {what are you preoccupied with these days? what are you aware of in yourself as you sit here right now? what are you honestly feeling right now?}.  recognize – fear, anxiety, despair, vanity, confusion, timidity, frustration, impatience, etc. PERSONIFIED (illu – pilgrim’s progress personification central …allegory).

Genesis 3:7-10.  the presence of God, or even the presence of the image of God, causes us to be aware of our nakedness (do you dance when other people are present)?

…I hide.  I hide, I hide from others, I even hide from myself.  I don’t wanna feel what I don’t wanna feel.  I hide behind layer upon layer of my handmade denial of my own feelings.  I hide behind my SELF-PROTECTION PLANS AND POLICIES AND PROCEDURES.

those fig leaves all stitched together did not sew themselves. time and energy effort.

we didn’t “just” wind-up in those hiding spots. time and energy effort.

I heard You.  And I was afraid.  Because I was naked.  So I hid myself (10).


what do you want?

Counseling compassion – gets us to GROANING (823) GRIEVING (279) …puts us in step with HS in this regard.

…gets us to groaning and grieving NOT godlike Independence.


Leader #1 – – – > winner, bossman, imprisons, beats, never near death, seaworthy, sailing, security, selfish.

Leader#2 – – – > weak, laborer, imprisoned, beaten (a lot), often near death, shipwrecked, adrift, frequently in danger, selfless.



*Bonus Material:

Diving (18′)

Poop smell.

Rookie Phlebotomist (Jn. 15), and Patience, and weakness, and helpless [WFA3WF] [FCBGW].





Protection against pain blunts our capacity to love (120).

T = a little tense & vaguely distant.

When the thirsts of our souls are neither understood nor embraced, love is violated in many ways that typically go unnoticed and therefore unresolved (THIRST – – – > Jn. 7:37).

DO NOT deny disappointment – that’s a bad strategy for dealing with disappointment.

Whenever we’re motivated more by concern for self than by concern for others, we’re working to dull the impact of our disappointed longings.

Life as we know it in a fallen world requires that we experience an unrelieved ache in our soul, an ache that can explode into searing pain when aggravated by others.

We either accept groaning and grapple with grace OR we attempt to evade pain and dive headlong into our own perversion.


The passion & desperation of the panting Psalmist [42].

Our longings are therefore at the very center of our dependency.


How does FEAR of DISAPPOINTMENT govern your life (i.e. define, dictate, dominate your life, your actions, your reactions, and your relationships)?

	For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
		neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD.
	For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
		so are my ways higher than your ways
		and my thoughts than your thoughts.

(Isaiah 55:8-9 ESV)

Our attitude toward mystery powerfully influences our relationship with God.  We can hate mystery, deny it, or try to regain control of our life by explaining it.  Only when we embrace mystery do we open the door to trusting God in dark nights - to knowing a God we will never be able to understand, predict, or control.